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Treating Adults Using CranioSacral & Physical Therapy

Personalized treatment to focus on your individual goals


Our goal is improved health and optimal function. The majority of patients come for various symptoms, back pain, chronic head acks , failed surgery, genetic disorders, injury recovery, ext. However the emotional/energetic component to illness or injury can lead us to a much different place in healing and optimum health.

It is becoming more and more well known and accepted that stress has an impact on the immune system, the bodies ability to heal and over all general health. What is equally true, but not as well know, is the opposite. When we do what we love, what we are passionate about our biochemistry changes in a positive way. This enhances our immune system, or endocrine system and our circulatory system. What does this have to do with physical therapy? In Adam’s treatment approach the focus is to eliminate the stresses stored in the body and for those patients who wish to take the journey, reconnect with their passions in life. The next logical questions are how is this possible and what does it have to do with the physical recovery of the body? To receive an answer, we must understand that memory is not only stored in the brain, but in the tissue. Both traumatic and joyful experiences are associated with body posturing, godgi tendion organ settings and proprioceptive/ sensory loop feed backs and feed forward loops on a spinal cord level aside from upper motor nuron involvement. This explanation could get technical, but in an attempt to keep it simple let me just say muscle tension and organ tension patterns memories of varying experiences when these experiences have a negative impact on the function of the body it is damaging to our health. To relieve this, sometimes dialog regarding past experience combine with manual techniques is necessary to release the stress in the tissue and regain health. This is the heart of somato emotional work. Adam has a unique approach which takes this one step further. Once the the muscle/ organ tensions are released, and the energy of the experience expressed, we can reprogram our intentions. We can prepare the tissue and our body for what we love and are passionate about. We can create a space for these types of experiences and enjoy the health benefits associated with living our passions.

For those patients who wish to take this journey the rewards have been expediential.

To accomplish this, Adam's practice, One on One Physical Therapy, is dedicated to treating patients on a one to one basis. This individual attention allows him to maximize results and integrate all of his expertise for the benefit of the patient. This special type of individual care is hard to find in today's health care model.

Adam is a physical therapist before an energy worker, so all treatment is focused in helping the body heal in it’s maximum capacity incorporating his western medical training as well as his understanding of energy diagnosis and treatment from an eastern holistic approach.

The diagnosis Adam treats is unlimited, because he is tapping into the bodies ability to heal. In addition, wellness visits to reconnect to a passionate ability to live life, and maintain the physical ability are very much welcome.


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