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Why I treat only one patient at a time in a private setting


Hi, my name is Adam Hakim P.T.C.S.T. I am the owner and founder of One on One Physical Therapy. I began this company in order to provide patients with high quality one on one therapy. I was frustrated with watching talented therapists get forced into treating a larger and a larger volume of patients due to insurance company constraints. I was frustrated with watching HMO and PPO's dictate patient care without proper regard or responsibility for the patient’s best interests. I was frustrated with the insurance companies having a disproportional amount of legal power to limit a practitioner’s actions because the practitioner has become part of the insurance companies plan. So I created an alternative for myself and my patients.

With One on One physical therapy I work for you -- the patient. I do not work for the insurance company. I am committed to educating you on all your fitness options. I work with the following goals in mind: Improve the quality of my patients life through principles of body alignment and structure. Improve the quality of my patients physical function, by decreasing pain and increasing their physical ability to do what they love.

When people are in constant pain it is hard to have patience and compassion for others. I believe decreasing a person’s pain and improving their function helps bring out the best of who they are. Being able to physically do what we love, makes our lives worth living.

Why come to one on one physical Therapy instead of common out patient orthopedic facilities that do take insurance? All treatment with me are performed one patient at a time. When you are scheduled for treatment, my undivided attention is on you and your individual health and wellness goals. Some patients require home visits and this is something I am happy to arrange. I work for your best interests and to improve the quality of your life. I am not swayed by reimbursement restrictions from insurance companies. This gives us much greater flexibility in our treatment plan for your best interests. It can be very empowering for the client or patient as well. This is the primary advantage of a fee for service system, as opposed to going where the insurance company dictates.

Machines are great, but my healing talents lie in my hands. My practice is a true Manual Therapy practice. I integrate a variety of hands on techniques to realign the body, release energy blocks, break up scar tissue, improve neuromuscular strength and sensory mapping. Some of these techniques I have learned from other practitioners and a few I have developed myself.

Do the ultrasound machines, electric stimulation units, hot and cold packs help? For some patients they do, however, for the majority of patients the manual techniques can get far superior results.

Is exercise a big portion of rehab? Depending on the specific patient and their goals, absolutely, exercise is critical. However, in most clinics patients are often left on their own, with minimal supervision. Little subtleties in exercise make the difference between getting great results and getting some results. I design a personalized exercise program and see it through on a one to one basis. It is essential that the exercise is performed properly with attention to all the subtleties of movement and alignment. Proper performance will get you the best results and eliminate the risk of further injury. I have worked extensively with patient populations as follows: infants, children, teenagers, office workers, manual laborers, semi-professional athletes, professional athletes all the way up to geriatrics. I can design an exercise program that will challenge and improve your personal performance for what ever physical goals you have in mind. But, I will not give you a list of exercises and send you off to do them until I know you will perform them properly and your body alignment will support the demand being placed on it.

Cranial Sacral Therapy and Somato emotional release, as taught by John Upledger D.O., comprises the mainstay of my manual practice and philosophical approach. I believe in meeting the body where it is and working with gentle non invasive techniques. While some of my approaches are more direct in their nature, healing is about what is best for the body as the body itself dictates.

Improving a person’s health is a partnership. It is the body that repairs itself and the practitioner that gives the body the optimal environment and tools for healing. If you are committed to a healthier life, One on One may be able to help. Give me a call to find out.


Adam Hakim
Certified CranioSacral Therapist
Physical Therapist
(516) 280-3383


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