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Visceral manipulation
(Upledger Institute)
Instructor Ken Fry P.T. CST-D

CranioSacral I
(Upledger Institute)
Instructor Judy Blix P.T CST-D

CranioSacral II
(Upledger Institute)
Michael Morgan RMT CST-D

CranioSacral for Pediatrics
Nina Cherinick RMT CST-D

Treatment of Tourtocollis 9/06
Zero Balancing I
(Upledger Institute)
Instructor – Susan Klein
October 4-8, 1995

Balancing Disorder Geriatrics and Nero
February 10, 1996

Craniosacral Manipulative Technique
March 19, 20/ ‘94
Part 2 - April 9-10/’94
Instructor Carl Steel D.O., P.T

Educational Resources
Documenting Functional Outcome 1996

Hands Of Light – Human Energy Field
Barbara Brennen, PHD 4-day
Seminar 1994

SomatoEmotional release I
Instructor - John Upledger 4/05

SomatoEmotional release II
Instructor - Susan Stiner 5/12/’05

Healing from the core
Instructor - Susan Schurlock

1 Year energy healing course
Rob Jokel P.T ‘99-2000

Qi Gong Mastery
Master Xiu Joe

Sedona, Arizona - January 1996

Manual Therapy, Shoulder / Thoracic Outlet
Strain/counter strain, M.F.R, muscle energy
Instructor - Jay Klein, PHD. P.T.

Healing Through Music
Ani Williams - 1996

Energy Mastery
Dr.Jeffery Jaffy, Sedona -1995

Physical Therapy Degree
Stonybrook University-1993

Adam Hakim, P.T-CST Biography & Education

Certified CranioSacral Therapist & Physical Therapist


Adam is a Physical Therapist with more than 16 years experience in a variety of settings. He is also a certified CranioSacral Therapist through the Upledger Institute. He has treated patients in settings as follows: outpatient orthopedic clinics, pediatric pre school and school age programs, nursing homes, rehab facilities, home care and acute care hospitals. In addition to his enjoyment for treating a variety of patient populations, Adam has also treated patients all across the country. He was a traveling therapist for many years. This allowed him the opportunity to acquire knowledge from a variety of colleges with a variety of approaches. Adam believes strongly in continuing education, and has attended over a dozen continuing education courses while working with a largely varied patient population.

Adam began treating patients in 1993 working three part time jobs in three separate outpatient orthopedic clinics. He quickly found a special niche utilizing manual hands on techniques. The majority of the manual techniques he came to use were osteopathic techniques. Latter, Adam would spend many years working with a pediatric population spanning from newborns to adolescence. While most therapists who practice pediatrics and orthopedics separate these approaches Adam found a way to combine all his knowledge and created some unique and innovated treatment approaches. While compiling research for his treatment approaches he stumbled across the work of John Upledger D.O. and the Upledger institute. Adam has been committed to Cranial Sacral Therapy and Somato Emotional Release ever since.

Now, Adam's practice, One on One Physical Therapy, is dedicated to treating patients on a one to one basis. This individual attention allows him to maximize results and integrate all of his expertise for the benefit of the patient. This special type of individual care is hard to find in today's health care model.

Adam has also been fascinated with eastern methods of treatment and healing. He has studied both Tai Chi and Chi Gong and integrates his understanding of the human energy field into his practice. He utilizes principals in Tai Chi for back problems and balance disorders. He is also currently working on his own treatment approaches entitled Sensory Mapping and Proprioceptive Remapping. These approaches are based on the integration of the sensory motor system and it’s relation to proper body alignment. The purpose of the sensory motor system and its interdependence with proper body alignment is where these techniques add something new to the table. It integrates motor learning, sensory integration, and manual therapy into one cohesive philosophy of body mapping.

In Adam’s opinion all good manual therapy is based on body alignment and symmetry of tissue movement. When the body is realigned it attempts to maintain its last know state of homeostasis, and will give up proper alignment for what the body has mapped out in space using the sensory motor system. The sensory motor system is feed forward feed back system which gives the body references to the environment. These references allow for function in the environment. When you put good alignment on bad mapping you do not get optimal functioning. This is why so many treatment approaches tend to be temporary and miss the heart of the problem. Proprioceptive remapping is a technique Adam developed that alleviates this discrepancy.


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